• Silk and Linen

    With such delicate materials such as silk and linen, we're fully aware how important it is to take extra special care when cleaning these items. We have the experience and knowledge to carefully clean all of your silk and linen garments.

    Our customers bring a lot of this type of item in to us because they are popular materials for clothing. There isn't just neck ties or designer pieces now, but shirts, tops, trousers, you name it! Both of these fabric types have their advantages when worn. They both look and feel great, but where there are advantages there are also disadvantages. Delicate fabrics are susceptible to wear, staining and loss of colour. 
    We know a lot of people are wary of dry cleaning their silk or linen items, but both materials respond well to the dry cleaning process, and you will receive a much better outcome than if you attempt washing from home. Shrinkage, limpness and fading are just a few of the issues that can happen when you wash these materials yourself, unless you are confident enough to do so.
    We're here to put your mind at rest and let you know that we will always treat your items with the upmost care and attention, returning them to you in the same or better condition compared to when you left them with us. 

    When it comes to silk and linen dry cleaning, we're the ones who know what we're doing.